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Nick J. Brown

Nick Brown


Nick Brown is the original founder of The Planning Group. Nick has been providing clients with time honored strategies since 1965. He has deep and thorough experience in all aspects of personal finance and is widely recognized as a leader in his field. Nick prefers not to refer to The Planning Group as a practice because, as he says, Were not practicing. We've done this before. There isn't a financial situation that Nick hasn't seen and he understands the principles and discipline required to navigate them.Nick has published numerous articles on wealth preservation, tax planning and long term investment strategies in several publications including the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Lakeland Press, Business Journal, The Journal, The Beacon News, The Star, and The Addison Press as well as other local and national Tax and Financial Planning publications.

Nick is an avid tennis player and a prolific historian with an in-depth knowledge of WWII. He enjoys travelling and spending quality time with his wife and grandchildren.