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Business Owners

Business Succession Planning

  • Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns
  • Create a roadmap for business partners, heirs and successors to follow in the event of your death, disability or retirement
  • Develop strategies that strive to help protect your business goals and family in the event of losing a business partner or key employee
  • Design charitable plans that will help provide you with a legacy
  • Establish a plan to help maximize your estate and minimize your taxes
  • Meet with your attorney

Executive Compensation Planning

  • Analysis of your current executive compensation structure
  • Create executive deferral plans for top executives
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP)
  • Develop strategies to help attract, retain and motivate key executives

Employee Benefit Planning

  • Analysis of your current employee benefits program
  • Create an employee benefits program to help maximize your return on human capital
  • Aim to enhance the value of your company by attracting, motivating and retaining employees
  • Develop strategies that strive to create a balance between value and cost control
  • Group health plans
  • Group retirement plans 401(K), 403(B), Simple and SEP IRA, Keogh Plans